I visited my daddy on Saint Paddy‘s day last spring.
At his swanky senior home to hear an Irish tenor sing.
Dad has done quite well in life, his place was quite the thing.
Five restaurants, a golf course, gourmet meals, and wine to drink.

We sat in rapt attention, while the singer sang with joy,
Laughed at risqué limericks joint in with Danny boy,
At the end, a gray haired, gent wheeled towards me from the crowd,
to my surprise, stared in my eyes, and spoke these words aloud:

There may be snow on the roof, but there’s fire in the basement,
I can still get it up, but time is a wastin.
There’s snow on the roof, but there’s fire in the basement, how about we give it a go?


Shocked, yet flattered, by his bawdy pick up line,
My basement has been vacant for quite some time.
The initial hesitation wasn’t due to shame or dread,
But more from fear of rusty parts, I stared right back, and said:

There may be snow on my roof but there’s no fire in my basement,
downstairs is dusty from underutilization,
There’s snow on my roof but it’s dry in my basement,
I’m not sure I can come…… along.

The silver fox was not deterred. He said well where in luck, there’s a drugstore near my condo, they’ll know how to fix you up.
Tell him that your basements dry, they’ve heard it all before.
Then buy the tube they offer you and rice back to my door.

When I arrived at his place, I saw the lights of red and blue,
Not sure what they were. Therefore, I held back to get a view,
Then I spied a gurney being pushed out of his door,
Through misty eyes I clutched that tube and knew what was the score.

There was snow on his roof but that fire in his basement.
Alas had burned out, that tube that night was wasted.
I vowed to my tears there’d be no more hesitation,
Now is the time of our basement restoration.

Daddy never knew that I had met that foxy guy.
I’d run off rather quickly with a kiss and a goodbye.
He never knew my secret plan that so I ran out of luck.
And never knew how close I came to getting seen you’re fucked.

I have to say, I bless that day, and thank that guy and here is why……

That snow on his roof and that fire in his basement
Let me to that tube and liquidity replacement.
The spark he ignited got me so hot blooded,
Better call a plumber because my basement now is flooded.
Ahhhhhhh……Men .