Hasn't Gotten Home


The day comes to an end, but the boy still hasn't returned home from school.

Houses in the village have started lighting up as it gets dark.

The school is closed, and the gate is locked.

Grandma is worried about her grandson who still hasn't returned home.


He won't even go to the bathroom without letting us know.

I can't breathe until he returns.

All the shepherds have returned.

Even the sparrows and crows have returned to their nests.


Now it's past seven and everything is completely dark.

I have no idea what happened to this poor eight-year-old kid.

Being a fatherless kid, I never allowed him go anywhere by himself.

I don't scold him even when he gets into mischief.


We asked his teacher and looked over the fields as well.

We also looked around the banana grove.

We are now joined in our hunt by the entire village.

Everyone says something that terrifies me.


I shudder when I hear the wall lizard chirp.

I tremble when I hear the street dogs howling.

I suddenly startle out of sleep and start to panic.

I give my son a hug as I gaze at him sleeping next to me.


When I realise it was all a dream, I giggle to myself.

With the tip of my saree, I wipe away the perspiration.

I would have died if I hadn't just now awakened.

Believing all of this to be real, my breathing would have stopped.


I want to go looking for the dog that woke me up.

I want to treat him to express my gratitude for what he has done.