Bad Blood


Alexander Wildwood (Mount Maunganui, New Zealand)



Stacy Hogan (Nashville, TN, USA)



Tyler Baker, Landon Milbourn, Brandon Qualkenbush, Paul Moak (Goodbye June) (Nashville, TN, USA)

Don't You Give Up


Lisa Vitale, Jamel Hawke, Morgan Dorr (Best Of Friends) (Boston, MA, USA)

Forever And Ever


Royal Wood, Bill Lefler, Simon Wilcox (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Heaven's Never Been So Far Away


Chris van de Geer, Lani Purkis, Kurt Shanks (Delete Delete) (Auckland, New Zealand)

I Will Be Yours


Brittney Bouchard, Mark Jackson, Ian Scott (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Just An Animal


Jay Stolar (New York, NY, USA)

Life Is Too Short


Marc Robillard (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Luna Park


David Barr (The Moon Kids) (Dunfermline, Scotland)

Night And Day


Sam Eliot (London, England)

Part Time Philosopher


Megan Slankard, Scott Greiner, Pollen Music Group (San Francisco, CA, USA)



Vance Joy (Glen Iris, VIC, Australia)

Sheep in Wolves Clothes


Little Hurricane (San Diego, CA, USA)


A Whole Lotta Livin


Brian Flanagan (Cork, Ireland)

Advice From Beyonce


Jordan Millar (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Can't Fall Asleep


Nicky Barot (Los Alamitos, CA, USA)

Don't Wanna Wake Up


Eddie Anthony, Edan Dover (The Score) (New York, NY, USA)



Constant Van Graan (PelicanState) (Winhoek, Namibia)



Sam Eliot (London, England)



Tom James Weber (Hannover, Germany)

Just Be


Lilian Caputo, Michael Martinez (LILI-N) (Rome, Italy)

Place Where I Belong


Corbett (Florence, KY, USA)



Katie Barbato (Philadelphia, PA, USA)



Robyn Dell'Unto (Toronto, ON, Canada)



Lucy Mason (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



The Luck, Dan Lancaster, Karnig Manoukian (London, England)

Who Killed Love


Peta Jeffress (Peta And The Wolves) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)




Angela Perley (Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons) (Columbus, OH, USA)

Crying For You


Valters Sprudzs (Flame & The Rolltones) (Riga, Latvia )



Nicholas Fargher (Saint Jayne) (Eugene, OR, USA)

Don't Let Your Love Lay Down


Gareth Lewis (The Dukes Of Hafod) (Swansea, Wales)

Fool In The Rain


Brian Westrin, Peter Mowry (Westrin & Mowry) (East Lansing, MI, USA)

From Dust To Dust


Bradford Loomis, Beth Whitney (The Banner Days) (Snohomish, WA, USA)

How'm I Gonna Get Back Home


Rob Kolar (He's My Brother She's My Sister) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I've Spent My Whole Life


Casey Black (Nashville, TN, USA)



Peter Skjerning (Thorbjorn Risager/Turnip Greens) (Copenhagen, Denmark)



Nomadic Attic (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

One Fix Or Another


Markus Rill (Munich, Germany)

Rust And Bones


Gretta Ziller (Oakleigh, VIC, Australia)

Silver Moon


Thomas Smith (An Atlas To Follow) (Knoxville, TN, USA)

This Old House


Matt Epp (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)


Another Rainy Day


William Roger Troiani, Joakim Tinderholt, Haakon Hoeye (Joakim Tinderholt & His Band) (Oslo, Norway)



Hamish Anderson (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Greed Song


Mark Cook (Woodstock, GA, USA)



Tommy Castro (San Jose, CA, USA)

If You Wanna Leave


Thorbjorn Risager (Copenhagen, Denmark)

In And Out Of Love


Shawn Hall, Matthew Rogers (The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)



Peter Skjerning (Thorbjorn Risager/Turnip Greens) (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Never Met A Man Like You


Layla Zoe, Henrik Freischlader (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Sin Perfume


Casey Hurt (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Somebody Else


Sharon McMahan (Detroit, MI, USA)

Stumblin' & Fumblin'


William Roger Troiani, Haakon Hoeye (Joakim Tinderholt & His Band) (Oslo, Norway)

That's Just The Way 'My Wheels Roll


Woody Russell (Austin, TX, USA)


Be My Friend


Kyler England, Lalo Crane (Freckles) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Morgan Taylor (Gustafer Yellowgold) (Dayton, OH, USA)

Don't Ever Change


Rory Gardiner (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Elephants (Get Out Of The Way)


Danny Weinkauf (Lynbrook, NY, USA)



Vicki McCrone, Mike Demus, Jim Foster (Gates Mills, OH, USA)



Jon Samson / CoCreative Music (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Out Of Tune


Justin Lansing, Joe Mailander (The Okee Dokee Brothers) (Denver, CO, USA)



The Odd Socks (Bristol, England)

Silence Is All The Music I Need


Jon Samson / CoCreative Music (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Silly Farm


Scott Sampson (Scotty And The Stars) (Fredericton, NB, Canada)

Size Doesn't Matter


Craig Smith (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Sock Gnomes


The Swinging Belles (St. John's, NL, Canada)



Jim Mayer, Jeff Dayton (Uncle Jim) (Nashville, TN, USA)

The Belly Button Song


Timothy Randell Karber (Madisonville, TX, USA)

The World Is Your Oyster


Joanie Leeds (Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights) (New York, NY, USA)

They Can't


Sean Hogan (Seanster And The Monsters) (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)


2 Facebooks


White Chedda (Chicago, IL, USA)

2AM Drunk


Ben Everyman (Vancouver, BC, Canada)



Helen Arney (London, England)

Blow Me


Douglas Stevens (Red Peters), Edward Grenga (Belmont, MA, USA)

Is This Gay Enough For You?


Matt Griffo (Chicago, IL, USA)

Ladies Don't Crap


Emily Pakes (Purdy Holsom) (Durham , NC, USA)



Daniel Nahmod (Waiting For Betsy) (Orange County, CA, USA)



Joel Meeks (Franklin, TN, USA)

Sleeping On The Couch


Dan Paschen, Dave Finn, Dan Maskin, Brandon Li (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

The Clock


Glenn Lestz (Issaquah, WA, USA)

The Insurance Song


Springbo (Merrillville, IN, USA)

The Lone Republican


Drennon Davis (San Francisco, CA, USA)

The OC Dance


Rachel Bloom, Jack Dolgen (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Will You Be My Valentine?


Sam Letchworth (Denver, CO, USA)


29 Angels


Adam Avery, Michael Lee Collins (Burlington, VT, USA)

Be Mine


Shane Butler (Dublin, Ireland)

Country Girl Swag


Kyle Lowrey, Jake Lowrey (2 Steps Back) (Lenapah, OK, USA)



Ben Glover, Amy Lewis, Ali Raney, Zoe Neuman, Mitch Merrett (The Lovelocks) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Friday Nights


Morgan Dorr, John Keefe (Best OF Friends), Josh Weaver (Boston, MA, USA)

Give Her The World


Adam Eckersley, Jason Reeves, Danelle Leverett (Adam Eckersley Band) (Mannering Park, NSW, Australia)



Sons of Daughters (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Hopeful Heart


Nikki Boon, Ryan Nelson (Haven Drive) (Nashville, TN, USA)

If You Can't Be Mine


Jessica Clemmons, Victoria Banks, Jeff Cohen (Highlands, TX, USA)

It's For Real This Time


Jordyn Mallory, Erik Halbig, Raquel Warchol (Raquel Cole) (Vernon, BC, Canada)

Little Miss Whiskey


The Morrison Brothers Band (Washington, DC, USA)

Lonely With Me


Brandon Chase, David Lee, Tony Lane (Brentwood, TN, USA)



Codie Prevost, Adam Wheeler (Archerwill, SK, Canada)



Bonnie Pine, Dean Dillon, Casey Beathard (Dallas, TX, USA)

This Side Of The Dirt


Mary Haller, Lee Johnson (Acton, MA, USA)

Twenty Once (Too)


Billy Dawson, Rivers Rutherford , Glenn Rutherford (Sunray, TX, USA)



Brad Cunningham (Man In The Ring) (Columbia, MO, USA)


Bright Lights


Margus Piik (Marcus Peak) (Tallinn, Estonia)

Burn This House


Mwansa Msapenda (Perth, WA, Australia)

Dark Day


Freya (Prague, Czech Republic)



Patrick Shanahan, Alex Louise Wilson (Ophelia) (Auckalnd, New Zealand)



Becca Schack (Beca) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Happiness Juice


Munk (Berlin, Germany)

Holiday From Me


Paul McDermott, W. Cate (Paul Mac) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Light Blue Morning


Amos Larkins (Miami, FL, USA)

Project Fire


SinSonic (Finspang, Sweden)

Puppet Master (Club Edit)


Shane Burgess (Burgo) (Goulburn, NSW, Australia)



Mark Watson (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

Room 1423


3LACKJACK (Saarlouis, Germany)

State of War


Paul McDermott, Jessica Malakouti, W. Cate (Paul Mac) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



Ani Neradilkova, Dave Greene, Mathieu Valton (Anikiko) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Tears of Loneliness


Jessica Day (JESSO) (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

The Fire


French Horn Rebellion (Brooklyn, NY, USA)



Mon Frere (Brighton, England)




Daniel Duke (Banbridge, Northern Ireland)

Broken Tooth


Jordan Casty (Chicago, IL, USA)

Dry Bones


Speak, Brother (Coventry, England)



Joe Morton (New Plymouth, New Zealand)

Home Tonight


Jake Hallam (Derby, England)

I Am Overcome


Jared Lutes (Moncton, NB, Canada)

I Lied


Danielle Deckard (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I Won't Walk Away


Sam Eliot (London, England)

If I Get It, Then You've Got It!


Joshua Hanson (Yellow Red Sparks) (Irvine, CA, USA)

Lucky Stars


Chris Brethour (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Maybe, Maybe


Cam Nacson (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



Ben Kyle (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

My Darling


Late Night Poets (Auckland, New Zealand)

Silver Moon


Thomas Smith (An Atlas To Follow) (Knoxville, TN, USA)

Skin And Bones


Gibson Bull, Adam Morley (London, England)



Helen Austin, Paul Otten (Big Little Lions) (Comox Valley, BC, Canada / Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

The Breach


Dustin Tebbutt (Armidale, NSW, Australia)


A Thousand Melodies


Christopher Carrion (Undone) (Winters, CA, USA)



Jonathan Jackson (The Beautiful Discord) (Louisville, KY, USA)

Be My Soul


Funmi Odemuyiwa (Funmi O.), Mark Zubek (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Diamond In The Rough


Chelsea Amber, Paul Colman (Halifax, NS, Canada)

Eyes Be Opened


Naarah Seagrott (Alabaster Box) (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)



Jared Wood, Max Corwin (Frisco, TX, USA)

God I Believe


Cameron Paul Stymeist, Stephanie Midthun (The Reel) (Placerville, CA, USA)

Got In The Way


Nathan Sink (Tulsa, OK, USA)

Learning To Pray


Joal Kamps (Calgary, AB, Canada)

My Dear


Corbett (Florence, KY, USA)



Vita Adam, Jeremy Fowler (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Sam Or Saul


Joseph Pfeifer (Oxnard, CA, USA)

She Could Fly


Wayne V. Rachel (Love Rain Band) (Sallisaw, OK, USA)

Sweet Satellite


Luke Batterbury (Torquay, VIC, Australia)

The Uprising


Cody Collier (North Liberty, IN, USA)

There's A Place


Paul Murphy (Belfast, Northern Ireland)




Daniel Pique (Sao Paulo, Brazil)



Remy Le Boeuf (Le Boeuf Brothers) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Empty Chairs


Randy Martin (Albuquerque, NM, USA)

Forgotten Melody


Roman Miroshnichenko (Moscow, Russia)



Pascal Le Boeuf (RighteousGIRLS) (New York, NY, USA)

Huzzad Cigany


Terek Jozsef (Terek Jozsef And His Friends) (Hevizgyork, Hungary)



Dan Kassel (New York, NY, USA)

Oath Path Ft. Black Violin


Kento Masuda (Chiba, Japan)

Road Movie


Michel Banabila (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Secretary Pool


Stephen Greaves (Jet Set Unlimited) (Santa Monica, CA, USA)

The Trip


Lukasz Adamczyk (Krakow, Poland)

True Sorry


Ibrahim Maalouf (Ivry sur Seine, France)

Valor & Triumph


Arshak Sirunyan (Arshak) (Yerevan, Armenia)

Weed Leaf Rag


Oyvind Rauset (Oslo, Norway)



Bret Higgins (Toronto, ON, Canada)


60th & Broadway


Sean Jones Quartet (Sherman, Oaks, CA, USA)

A Bigger Celebration


Matt Savage (Francestown, NH, USA)



Ibrahim Maalouf (Ivry sur Seine, France)

Circular Quay


Milo Lombardi (Fano, Italy )

Hoodman's Blind


Arshak Sirunyan (Arshak) (Yerevan, Armenia)

House of Make Believe


Thisbe Vos (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Lea's Run


Shunzo Ohno (Gifu, Japan)

Lion's Empire


Ami Fukui (Amizm) (Tokyo, Japan)

Messenger Ft. Mike Stern


Arshak Sirunyan (Arshak) (Yerevan, Armenia)

Open Mind


Bruce Gertz (Bruce Gertz Quintet) (Melrose, MA, USA)



David Friesen (Portland, OR, USA)

Springtime In New York


Prasanna Ramaswamy (Prasanna) (Chennai, India)

The Angels' Share


Jeff Breithaupt, Don Breithauupt (Breithaupt Brothers) (New York, NY, USA)

The Gathering


Stu Hunter (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

The Mystery Of Onion Rings


Akihiro Yoshimoto (Akihiro Yoshimoto Quartet) (Tokyo, Japan)

The Open Door


Chris Greco (Chris Greco Group) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

What Your Teacher...


Pascal Le Boeuf (Pascal's Triangle) (New York, NY, USA)


Amor, Amor


Alejandro Sanchez (Bogota, Colombia)

Beleza Do Caribe


Calixto Gabriel Bravo (Xcelencia) (Caguas, Puerto Rico)

Caen Mis Suenos


Kevin Rooke (Coctel Lounge) (Bogota, Columbia)

Cielos Abiertos


Beto Gudino, Abel Munoz, Paul Droste, David Barrera (Signa) (Costa Mesa, CA, USA)

Como Si Fuera La Primera Vez


Juan Camilo Borja (Palmira, Colombia)

Dame Todo


Layla Angulo (New York, NY, USA)

De a Dos


Monik (Santiago, Chile)



La Fe And The Suricates (Genova, Italy)



Jonathan Patino, Gabriel Sarango, Damien Benitez (Jo el Cambio) (Boston, MA, USA)

Locomotion Batucada


Joao Nabuco (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)



IMMI, Gray Devio (Buneos Aires, Angentina)

No Fuimos Nada


Jose Abraham (Sevilla, Spain)

Para Arriba


Felipe Deckers, Rafael Espinel, Natalia Gantiva, Tuan Ho Duc, Martin Mereau, Florian Doucet, Seppe Van Hulle (La Chiva Gantiva) (Brussels, Belgium)

Por Mas Que Yo Resista


Jose Abraham, Juanma Leal (Sevilla, Spain)

Tu Llegada


Danila Sigal (Johnny Sigal) (Delray Beach, FL, USA)

Yo Vengo De Cuba


Alexander Abreu, Havana D' Primera (FClan) (Wuppertal, Germany)




Jillian O, Keith Follese, Adrienne Follese, Micah (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Bound In Ashes


Mwaka Mwape (Lusaka, Zambia)

Bread And Butter


Richard Dames (Endless Naps) (New York, NY, USA)

Closed Door


Shane Timmo (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



Joe Morton (New Plymouth, New Zealand)



Drummer Buck (Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

Hip Hop Undead


Richard Dames (Endless Naps) (New York, NY, USA)



Alysha Brilla (Kitchener, ON, Canada)

Love Is A Wrecking Ball


Queen Esther (New York, NY, USA)

Ode To A Broken Heart


Ali Matthews (Stratford, ON, Canada)

Round After Round


Steve Voitko (San Diego, CA, USA)



Michael Feldt (Rimrock, AZ, USA)

The Storm


Geoffrey Louis Koch (Nashville, TN, USA)

Tiny Roar


Kirsten O'Shea (The Night Bird) (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Tongue Tied


Vanessa Collier (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Truck Stop Love


Dave Perron (Green Bay, WI, USA)

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing


Caroline Fotouhi (Basking Ridge, NJ, USA)


90s Music


Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Matt Morris, Mark Foster, Timon Martin, Stephen McQuinn (Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Director: Justin Frances)

Best I Never Had


Colin Huntley (Georgetown, TX, USA - Director: Nayip Ramos)

Best Of Luck


Steven Salge (Blue Moon Revue) (Indianapolis, IN, USA - Director: Andy Salge)

Black Swamp Village


Manolis Stamatiadis (The Speakeasies Swing Band) (Thessaloniki, Greece - Directors: Aristotelis Papakonstantinou and Efharis Leontopoulou Ntomprou)

Dreamers Ft. Phoebe Lou


J Hardy, D Hume, P Lou (Hopium) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Director: Ribal + Gil (Superteam Studios))

Exploding Heart


Adil Omar (Islamabad, Pakistan - Directors: Shahbaz Shigri and Aisha Linnea)

Little Darling


The Secret City (Sydney, NSW, Australia - Director: Damian Smith)

Little Miss Whiskey


The Morrison Brothers Band (Washington, DC, USA - Director: Taylor Morden)

M & R


Bec Laughton (Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Director: Simon Smith)



Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Daniel Johns, Stephen Bruner (Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Director: Tom Kerr)

My Mindset


Howqua (Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Director: Ben Campain)



Alexander Laska, Fergus Linacre, Jeremy Hunter (Kingswood) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Director: Matt Campbell)

Sheep In Wolves Clothes


Little Hurricane (San Diego, CA, USA - Director: Jordan Albertsen)

The Tide


Maia Vidal (Ithaca, NY, USA - Directors: Minka Farthing-Kohl and Hayden Miller)

This Too Shall Pass


Tyler Stenson (Portland, OR, USA - Director: Glenn Scott Lacey)



Belbel (Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Director: Blake Farber)

Where Have You Been?


Astha Tamang-Maskey, Rohit Shakya (The Author x Astha) (Kathmandu, Nepal - Directors: Prasiit Sthapit and Rohit Shakya)


90s Music


Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Matt Morris, Mark Foster, Timon Martin, Stephen McQuinn (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Brothers In Arms


Maeve O'Boyle (Glasgow, Scotland)

Chasing Forever


Andrea Pais (Karnataka, India)

Dreamers Ft Phoebe Lou


J Hardy, D Hume, P Lou (Hopium) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



Lindsey Harper (Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Marcin Kuczewski, Gosia Bernatowicz (MASHMISH) (Warsaw, Poland)

Just Passing Through


Jeff Breithaupt, Don Breithauupt (Breithaupt Brothers) (New York, NY, USA)

Kiss Me Goodnight


Jeff Fiorello, Liliana Andreano, Greg Griffith (Liontide) (New York, NY, USA)

May This Be Love


Christine Ben-Ameh (Makurdi, Nigeria)



Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Daniel Johns, Stephen Bruner (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Not Ready For Love


Rita Satch (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



Tamara Olorga, Pascal Reinhardt (Mannheim, Germany)

Run For Your Life


Bertie Blackman, Louis Schoorl, Marashric (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

To Love Again


Angela Johnson (Newark, NJ, USA)



Sasha Gradiva (Syktyvkar, Russia)



sasha gradiva (Syktyvkar, Russia)

Your Love


Jerry Jean (New York, NY, USA)


A Heart Is Not A Yo-Yo


M.Luzuriaga, G. Christiansen (Mojo Juju) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Anyone But You


Jeremy Drakeford (Alkira) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Crash & Burn


Stephanie Skye (Peabody, MA, USA)

Dreamers Ft Phoebe Lou


J Hardy, D Hume, P Lou (Hopium) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Freaky Boombada


Kenneth Mendez (Dez Strada) (Chandler, AZ, USA)

Hipster Girl


Thierry Luethy (Flake) (Bern, Switzerland)

In Love With The Moment


Jordan Higgins, Griffith Frank, Josephina Carr (Sacramento, CA, USA)



Kat Risteska (Keeda), Andre Nookadu (Sydeny, NSW, Australia)



Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Daniel Johns, Stephen Bruner (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

More Than Me


Stefanie Lawrence, Andrew Black (Apache Darling) (Glasgow, Scotland)

My Kinda Crazy


Celeste Stoney (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

My Love


Kuba Oms, Paul Kannaspuro (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Perfect Try


Yang Peng Tan (TAN), Beatrice Regner, Mario Marchetti (Georgetown, Malaysia)

Prehistoric Love


Tenielle Neda, Rob Agostini, Denny Thakrar (Neda) (Perth, WA, Australia)

Tidal Waves And Hurricanes


Maggie Szabo, Andrew Allen (Dundas, ON, Canada)

Whole Again


Alec Ciambriello, Jon Siebels, Sarah Nagourney (Alec Chambers) (Shelton, CT, USA)


Back 2 Da Hood


Phillip A. Driskell II (Phelo The Great) (Memphis, TN, USA)

Bad Chick


Atlanta Prin (Atlanta, GA, USA)



Severina Sloboda (LIMI) (Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro)

Come On Over, Baby (Pleasure)


Alejandro Palma (Caracas, Venezuela)

Got Love


Thundamentals (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Head High


DeLon (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Leaving You Ft. Jasmine Poole


Corbett, Yonas (Corbett) (Florence, KY, USA)

Live In The Light


Soul Fam (New York, NY, USA)

Long Way 2 Go


Offset, Corbett, Kainos (Pottstown, PA, USA)

Rise Up


Ryan Connelly (Ryan Bars) (West Palm Beach, FL, USA)



Ray Clayton (Ray) (London, England)



Viktor Kiraly (Budapest, Hungary)

Something I Said Ft. Thom Crawford


Thundamentals (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Someway Bi


Kwame A Tsikata (M.anifest) (Accra, Ghana)

The Morning After He


Dominique Jones (Dom Jones) (Oakland, CA, USA)

Then I Met You


Iliana Incandela, Dayyon Alexander, Jeff Shum (Iliana) (Chicago, IL, USA)

Touch Me


Celeste Stoney (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Welcome Back


King Britt, Bill Urale (King Kapisi) (Wellington, New Zealand)




George Mathew Haman (CREO) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



Tyler Baker, Landon Milbourn, Brandon Qualkenbush, Paul Moak (Goodbye June) (Nashville, TN, USA)



Sam Browne (Black River Drive) (Auckland, New Zealand)



Dan Davidson, Tyler Dianocky, Steve VIncent, Brad Simons, Greg WIlliamson (Tupelo Honey) (Edmonton, AB, Canada)



Addison Smith, McCoy Douglasson, Greg Barton (Swell Daze) (Purcellville, VA, USA)

It Can't Be Simple


Secret Colours (Chicago, IL, USA)



Parker Bossley (Gay Nineties) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)



Alexander Laska, Fergus Linacre, Jeremy Hunter (Kingswood) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Pull The Trigger


Benjamin Dowd (Apes) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



San Cisco (Fremantle, WA, Australia)

Sinners And Saints


Daniel Frank Surico, James Alden Hyde, Matthew Daigler, Robert Durkee, Andrew Bockelman (The Future Laureates) (Chicago, IL, USA)

The Atlantic Ocean


Robert Lindgren, Jason Reynolds (Revolution, I Love You) (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

The Hicks Canyon Band Goes To Vegas


Spencer Hannemann (Work Friend) (Irvine, CA, USA)

To Be Alive


Richard Thomas (Brother & Bones) (London, England)


American Girl


Bailey Coats (Mountain Brook, AL, USA)



Pipe Dream (Chagrin Falls, OH, USA)

Bridge To Nowhere


Lyric Dubee (Barrie, ON, Canada)

Fire, Storm & Rain


Madisyn Elise (College Park, GA, USA)

Gates Of Dawn


Mitchell Brady (The Static Shift) (Calgary, AB, Canada)



Sophia Joelle (Zionsville, IN, USA)

I Wish I Was Her


Amy Rola (St. Agatha, ON, Canada)

In The End


Luka Mihajlovic (Luka) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

l Know This Girl


Jaron Natoli (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



Cedrik St-Onge (Caplan, QC, Canada)



Jessica Domingo (Seattle, WA, USA)

Move Ben Move


Benjamin Rogers (Brantford , ON, Canada)



Lili Kendall (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Wasted Tears


Victoria Celestine (Blanco, TX, USA)



Colin Huntley (Georgetown, TX, USA)

Your One


Avonlea (Santa Rosa, CA, USA)


A Plein Temps


Darline Desca (Portland, OR, USA)



Mohammed Alidu (Bizung) (Tamale, Ghana)



Patrick Mau (Mau Power) (Thursday Island, QLD, Australia)

Iza Ngomso - Come Tomorrow


Christopher Tin (Santa Monica, CA, USA)

La Libertat (Freedom)


Alessandro Rapa, Elena Giordanengo, Maurizio Giraudo (Saber Systeme) (Peveragno, Italy)

Mama Africa


Selasee Atiase (Selasee & The Fafa Family) (Accra, Ghana)

Mapenzi Love


Nimbona Jean Pierre (Kidum Kibido & The Bodaboda) (East Africa)

Pum Pum


Carlos Enrique Hurtado (ChakLive!) (Tulum, Mexico)



Falguni Shah, Borahm Lee (Falu) (Mumbai, India)



Joao Nabuco (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The Song Of The Cicadas


Yong Shi (Beijing, China)



Moana Maniapoto, Paddy Free, Scotty Morrison (Moana & The Tribe) (Rotorua, New Zealand)

Van Dala


Erzsi Kiss (Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene) (Budapest, Hungary)

Wahda / We Are All One


Christiane Karam (Boston, MA, USA/Lebanon)



Sousou Cissoko, Maher Cissoko (Sousou & Maher Cissoko) (Dakar, Senegal and Hoor, Sweden)


Anyone But You


Jeremy Drakeford (Alkira) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



Bec Ivanov, Sebastian Ivanov (Bec & Sebastian) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



Nikki Nicholls (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Carried Away


Canary (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Country Girl Swag


Kyle Lowrey, Jake Lowrey (2 Steps Back) (Lenapah, OK, USA)

Diamond In A Cave


Johnny Griffin (John Jacob Magistery) (Montreal, QC, Canada)



Joe Morton (New Plymouth, New Zealand)

Giving Up The Band


Richard Ecclestone (Ecki) (Bury St Edmunds, England)

I Lied


Danielle Deckard (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

It Can't Be Simple


Secret Colours (Chicago, IL, USA)

Just Be


Lilian Caputo (LILI-N), Michael Martinez (Rome, Italy)



Kat Risteska (Keeda), Andre Nookadu (Sydeny, NSW, Australia)

Maybe, Maybe


Cam Nacson (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Place Where I Belong


Corbett (Florence, KY, USA)

Put It On The Line


Emily Brewis (Fieu) (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)



Justin Snowball (Wons Phreely) (Perth, WA, Australia)

Unearth Me, Baby


James Edgar Francis (Sydney, NSW, Australia)


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