Dave Crowe (Resin Moon) (Alice Springs, NT, Australia)



Mia Minichiello, Eric Radloff (Bear Attack) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Finally Here


Justin Froese, Nancy Montgomery (San Diego, CA, USA)



Christian O'Brien, Phoebe Baker, Louisa James (Alpine) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Ghost In My House


Lucy Schwartz (Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Sophie Koh, Ben Lee, Brad Wood (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Mercy Killer


Bertie Blackman, Francois Tetaz (Northcote, VIC, Australia)

Set Me On Fire


Missy Higgins, Butterfly Boucher (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

So Long


Phillip-Michael Scales (Briar Rabbit) (Chicago, IL, USA)

The Youth


Danny Odom (Mode) (Grand Junction, CO, USA)

Unseen Things


Flashbulb Fires (Denver, CO, USA)



Julian Temple Wilson (Julian Temple Band) (Dunedin, New Zealand)



Conrad Shiner (Bellefonte, PA, USA)


Just Another Night


Andy Albert, Dan Smyers, Blair Daly, Bobby Huff (Bonaventure) (Nashville, TN, USA)

Like There Never Was You


Nicky Barot, Kenny Lamb, Anthony Little (Los Alamitos, CA, USA)

Muscles And Bones


Esmay Luck, Max Luck, Richard Darbyshire (The Luck) (London, England)

Nothing Left Here To Burn


Stacy Hogan (Nashville, TN, USA)

Please Go Lightly


Worldfly (Darwin, NT, Australia)

Remake You Mine


Caleb Fletcher (Greenville, SC, USA)

Running From Love


Toby Lightman (New York, NY, USA)

Silly Little Love Songs


Sarah Packiam, Tim Mitchell (Miami, FL, USA)



Lena Fayre, Brian Howes (Manhattan Beach, CA, USA)



Matt Barus (Dukes) (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Terrifying Love


Joe Given (Surrey, BC, Canada)

You And I


Damien Leith (Sydney, NSW, Australia)


Good For A Bad Guy


Alexis Babini, Adam Tressler (Easton, CT, USA)

If I Were You


Jason Horowitz (The Whiskey Farm) (Madison, WI, USA)

In Lieu Of You


Paul Creane (Paul Creane & The Changing Band) (Wexford, Ireland)

Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head


Jesse Terry (Stonington, CT, USA)

Lovin' In The Fall


Bex Chilcott (Ruby Boots) (Perth, WA, Australia)

Morning In Glen Burnie


Tom McBride (Boston, MA, USA)

Outta Here (Ballad Of Chris Green)


Cyndi Boste (Hepburn, VIC, Australia)

Stick Around


David Ramirez (Austin, TX, USA)

Swing Low


Scott Nolan (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

The Avenue


Miles Calder (Miles Calder & The Rumours) (Wellington, New Zealand)

The Hardest Thing To See


Markus Rill (Munich, Germany)

Throw Me A Line


Cole Mitchell (Cole Mitchell And The Curs) (Albuquerque, NM, USA)

Walkin' Shoes


Gina Sicilia (Nashville, TN, USA)

What We Want


Gena Rose Bruce (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Woke Up On Pills


Brendan Willing James (B Willing) (Ojai, CA, USA)




Andreas Stamnes (Little Andrew) (Hjorangavag, Norway)

I Keep On Holdin' On


Terry Hanck (Chicago, IL, USA)

I'm Less Blue


Jesse Briggs (Yabucoa, Puerto Rico)

If Loving You Is Crazy


Castro Coleman (Mr. Sipp The Mississippi Blues Child) (McComb, MS, USA)

It Ain't Mine


Linda Rodney (Chocolate Thunder) (Greenville, SC, USA)

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye


Al Reed (Johnny Winter) (New Orleans, LA, USA)

Let Him Be Blues


Carole Fredericks (Paris, France)

Move A Little Closer


Haakon Hoeye, William Troiani (Oslo, Norway)

My Hillcountry Blues


Rita Engedalen (Kongsberg, Norway)

Put One Over


Matthew Curry & The Fury (Bloomington, IL, USA)

Sun On My Back


Ferci Kovacs (T. Rogers) (Budapest, Hungary)

Tell Me


Heidi Solheim, Pristine (Tromso, Norway)

Twisting The Knife


Ronnie Byrd Foster, Bob Greenlee (Carrie A Foster) (Deltona, FL, USA)

What's A Girl To Do


Iseula Hingano, Nathan Brett (Blue Eyes Cry) (Newport, VIC, Australia)

You Ain't Coming Home


Paul Turley, Paul Muir (Albany Down) (London, England)


Animal Pals


Scott Langley (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Be Myself


Helen Austin (Comox Valley, BC, Canada)

Fairy Tale Love


Lisa Sniderman (Aoede) (San Francisco, CA, USA)



Joanie Leeds (Joanie Leeds And The Nightlights) (New York, NY, USA)

I Can Do Anything


Nathan Meckel (The Happy Racers) (Nashville, TN, USA)

I Like Apples


Gary Silberman (Gary Kazoo) (Pembroke Pines, FL, USA)

Life Is A Rollercoaster


Marlowe Stone (Marlowe & The Mix) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Little Things


Lisa Sniderman (Aoede) (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Loose Tooth


Mama Mac (Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA)



Scott Langley (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Ow Ow Ow


Jamie Saxe (The Mighty bUZZniks) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

The Fairy Tale Song


Deborah L Wedekind, Don Koch (DeDe) (Houston, TX, USA)

Underneath My Bed


Helen Austin (Comox Valley, BC, Canada)

When I Get Bald


Alastair Moock (Medford, MA, USA)


All Around The World


Mark Silverman (Sherman Oaks, CA, USA)

Champagne For My Furby


Eric Heidbreder, Andrew Reiman (Springbo) (Merrillville, IN, USA)



Pat Godwin (Dallas, PA, USA)

Facebook Birthday


Matthew Patrick Davis (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I'm Goin' Ugly Early Tonight


Brent Burns, Bill Whyte, Pete Hourihan (Gulf Shores, AL, USA)



Emily Pakes (Purdy Holsom) (Durham, NC, USA)

Mountain Man


Patrick Scott (Nashville, TN, USA)

She Doesn't Like Radiohead


Matthew Patrick Davis (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

She's Got An A$$ That Won't Quit


Troy Kokol (Calgary, AB, Canada)

That's Why I Keep Him


Kacey Jones, Jesse Goldberg, Bill Flowerree (Nashville, TN, USA)

The 12 Drinking Days Of Christmas


Danny McMaster (Tallai, QLD, Australia)

The Hustler Store


Jeff Marx (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

The Man Flu


Roberto Cassani (Perth, Scotland)

Wood Tick Song


Larry Heagle (Menomonie, WI, USA)

You Can't Get To Heaven


Pat Godwin (Dallas, PA, USA)




Rick Monroe, Michael Freeman, Eric Torres (Nashville, TN, USA)



Matt Aslanian, Kent Bell, Kyle Gaston, Justin Haber (Breaking Southwest) (McKinney, TX, USA)

Can't Put You Down


Michael Max McGee, Lee Johnson, Scot Miller (Philipsburg, PA, USA)

Flesh And Bone


Casey Barnes, Rick Price (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

Give Her The World


Adam Eckersley, Jason Reeves, Danelle Joy Leverett (Mannering Park, NSW, Australia)

His Name Was Sam


Ella Mae Bowen, Rachel Thibodeau (Wahalla, SC, USA)

I Have Your Touch


Fairchild Brothers (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Little Bit Small Town


Kaylee Bell, Mike Carr (Waimate, New Zealand)

Loved By You


Candice Russell (Tualatin, OR, USA)



Jaylene Johnson, Taylor Watson, James Andrew Tooke (Taylor Watson) (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

Miss You Anywhere


SaraBeth Swagerty, Dean Sams, Misty Rae Carson (SaraBeth) (Murphy, TX, USA)

Wild At Heart


Brendan Cooney, Ryan Cooney, David Mozdzanowski, Benjamin Lozano (The Gallery) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Brad Cunningham (Columbia, MO, USA)

Wish I Knew


Lisa Whitters, Hailey Whitters (Swisher, IA, USA)




Kwanza Jones, Luke Tozour, Trevor Gilliland (Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Dave Crowe (Resin Moon) (Alice Springs, NT, Australia)

Beautiful Mistake


Haiydn Zafer (Nez Erok) (Perth, WA, Australia)



Kavex (Singapore)

Do What You Say


Cat Jahnke (Cat And The Menagerie) (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)



Emmanuel Cinq-Mars (DJ 5th Mars) (Montreal, QC, Canada)



Tiffany Desrosiers, Troy Samson (Langley, BC, Canada)



Beazy (Toronto, Canada)

Hero (Ft. Kate Wild)


Mon Frere (Brighton, England)

I Am Only Me


Toby Farrugia (St. Julians, Malta)



Randi (Bucharest, Romania)

It's Not Over


Richard Pilkington, Jack Jenkins (London, England)

Like U


Margus Piik (Marcus Peak) (Tallinn, Estonia)

Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues


SAFIA (Canberra, ACT, Australia)

Love Storm


Eamonn Lindsay (Dr Teddy De Love), Tia Peyton, Conan Lindsay, Bradley Jackson (Tia Peyton Ft. Bushy Brads) (Dublin, Ireland)

Outside Of Time


Shahead Mostafa Far, Juliet Lyons (Shahead Ft. Juliet Lyons) (Tehran, Iran)




Jordy Searcy (Fairhope, AL, USA)

All Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait) Ft. Ron Sexsmith


Ryan Granville-Martin (Toronto, ON, Canada)

All In My Head


Missy Higgins, Butterfly Boucher (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Don't Hurt


Sam Weber (North Saanich, BC, Canada)



Luke Brindley (Reston, VA, USA)

I Get High


Yuma Sasaki, Marlee Fay (Yokohama, Japan / Portland, OR, USA)

I Wouldn't Dance


David Myles (Halifax, NS, Canada)

Leaving Familiar


Michael Theodore (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Let Yourself


Martyn Joseph (Cardiff, Wales)

Part Time Philosopher


Megan Slankard, Scott Greiner, Pollen Music Group (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Pray My Dear Daughter


Charles Jenkins (Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos) (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

She's Gone (For Good This Time)


Barry Privett, Carter Gravatt, Terry Clark, Jason Neal, Jon Markel (Carbon Leaf) (Richmond, VA, USA)

Six Three


Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis (Brooklyn, NY, USA)



Myla Smith (Memphis, TN, USA)

Sunken Ship


Will Dailey (Boston, MA, USA)

The Way Home


Helen Austin, Paul Otten (Big Little Lions) (Comox Valley, BC, Canada)




Jacob Thomas (The Crossing Kind) (Citrus Heights, CA, USA)

Calling Out


Aaron Wagner, Tyler Halford (Weatherford, TX, USA)

Everybody Sing


David Leask, Debra Alexander (Mississauga, ON, Canada)

Everything Tonight


Brant Pethick (Ottawa, ON, Canada)

Hope Around The Corner


About The Author (Ocean Shores, WA, USA)

I Need You


John Stoehr, Dave Cleveland (Chattanooga, TN, USA)

Light of Bethlehem


Rebecca DeSantis (Beka DeSantis) (Memphis, TN, USA)

Release The Sound


Roma Waterman (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)



Carole Fredericks (Paris, France)

The Lord's Prayer


Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer (Castries, St. Lucia)

The One


JD Baxter, K Hickin (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

To God Be The Fame


Tim Hageland, Tanya Riches (Elliot, IL, USA)

We Are Yours


Jamie Nunnally (Thomasville, GA, USA)

We Cannot Contain All You Pour Out


Kris MacQueen (Wilson & MacQueen) (Kitchener, ON, Canada)




Moto Fukushima (House Of Waters) (Kobe, Japan)



Alexandru Simescu (United Simesky Institutes) (Bucharest, Romania)

Mejorana Mesano


Eduardo Charpentier de Castro (Panama City, Panama)

Monti's Revenge


Chris McKhool, Kevin Laliberte (Sultans Of String) (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Mood Swing


Sergey Ignatov (Acoustic Fantasy) (Everett, WA, USA)

Mystic Journey


Yiannis Kapoulas (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Not Yet


Sean Wagner (Sean Wagner And The Ne'er Do Wells) (Portland, OR, USA)



Shunzo Ohno (Gifu, Japan)

On Blondes And Detectives


Jorge Grundman (Madrid, Spain)



Lawson Rollins (San Francisco, CA, USA)



Rea Krakover (Fire Hook) (Kfar Aza, Israel)

The Invasion Of Mayberry


Jim Pfeifer (Gilbert, AZ, USA)

Two Worlds Collide


Ed Dampier (Leicester, England)



Samantha Robichaud (Riverview, NB, Canada)




Bruno Raberg (Lexington, MA, USA)



Tony Barnard (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Crossing Colors - Harmony


Yuichiro Tokuda (Chiba, Japan)

Dog Dance


Jerry De Villiers Jr. (St-Hubert, QC, Canada)

Ehlatini (The Bush)


Rashid Lanie (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Inspiration Point


Jason Anick (Boston, MA, USA)

King Cyrus Enters Babylon


Daren Burns (Sedona, AZ, USA)

Magnetic Whale


Luka Veselinovic (Veselino Jazz Project) (Zagreb, Croatia)



Shunzo Ohno (Gifu, Japan)

My Lover And My Friend


Gregg Arthur, Casper Tromp (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



Jason Anick (Boston, MA, USA)

Phantom Fish


Sergio Galvao (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Top Dog


Jens Larsen (Traeben) (Skjern, Denmark)

Truth & the Abstract Blues [featuring Kurt Elling]


Yuto Kanazawa (Shirakawa City, Japan)




Axe Follin, Mechi Pieretti (4FLY(For Freaks Like You)) (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Algo Que Decir


Marisela Puicon (Marisela) (Lima, Peru)

Crazy Mambo


Dirk Frederik Klawitter Brasil (Sol Naciente Orchestra) (Hamburg, Germany)

Dale Chocolate


Don Chezina (Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico)

Dame Un Poquito


Juan F. Parra (Juanfran) (Bogota, Colombia)

Donde Vivir Es Eterno


Martino Succetti, Antonio Leiva, Santiago Larramendi (Fatkingbulla) (Miami, FL, USA)

El Karma


Pedro Rock, Orlando Vitto (Pedro Cordero) (Miami Beach, FL, USA)

Enamorado De Ti


Maikel Romera Alonso (Chapa C) (Holguin, Cuba)

Hola Gabre


Pablo Huaroc (PablogoO) (Lima, Peru)



IMMI, Gray Devio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)



Zara Sky (Atlanta, GA, USA)



Gabriel Boyer (GabyBoy) (Toronto, ON, Canada)



Fabrizio Zoro, Scalici Massimo (La Maxima 79) (Busto Arsizio, Italy)



Agustin Enciso, Carlos Eli Vargas, Gaby Enciso, Tomas Enciso (Elah) (Hermosillo, Mexico)

Ten Cuidao


David Frankel (Avenida B) (New York, NY, USA)

Tu Amor


Angel Eduardo, Henry Alonzo, Omar Galarza (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Ven A Mi


Rafael Rioz (Santiago, Chile)


A Father's Hand


J. A. Curliss (Apex, NC, USA)

Bare Bone


Holly Anton (Youngstown, OH, USA)

Billy's Dream


Tony King (Beautifully Mad) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Closed Door


Shane Timmo (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

French Translation


Ad Frank (Somerville, MA, USA)

Gospel Of A Fool


Glenn Hammerstad (Oslo, Norway)

Hope In Harlem


Richard Dames (Endless Naps) (New York, NY, USA)

I Know Leavin'


Brian D. Bell (Madison, WI, USA)

In Her Arms When I Died


Bryan Tess (Tralee, Ireland)

Last Night Was Whatever


Kyla C. Sullivan (Columbia, MD, USA)

Like A Star


M.T. Adam (Fulford, BC, Canada)

Mosaic Me


Andrea Pandolfi (State College, PA, USA)

Rocks In My Head


Dale Jellings (Madison, WI, USA)

She's My Nicotine


Bryan Broussard, Spencer Lull (Ocala, FL, USA)

The Alpha Bet


Richard Dames (Endless Naps) (New York, NY, USA)

To The Blues


Steve Voitko (Toms River, NJ, USA)




Bertie Blackman, Francois Tetaz (Northcote, VIC, Australia - Director: Quan Yeomans)

Come Into My Head


Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Keith Ciancia, Sonny J Mason (Auckland, New Zealand - Director: Guy Franklin)

Define Me


Ryan Amador (Los Angeles, CA, USA - Director: Tom Gustafson)

Everything You Wanted


Sebastian Cohen, Yves Roberts, Montgomery Cooper (Clubfeet) (Sydney, NSW, Australia - Director: Josh Thomas)

Falling Apart


Themba Thompson (The Khanz) (Sydney, NSW, Australia - Director: Ben Cox)

Here With Me


Robert Gillies (Stirling, Scotland - Director: Oscar Gomez)

Love Burning Alive


Lena Fayre, Kosta Lois, Jenn DeCilveo (Los Angeles, CA, USA - Director: Leah McKissock)

Loving Myself


Hairy Soul Man (Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Director: Kai Smythe)

My Favourite Time Of Year


Leigh Haggerwood (The Florin Street Band) (Bath, England - Director: Nick Bartleet)

Regular Guy


Matt Morris, Ben Worley (Old Friends) (Nashville, TN, USA - Director: Nick Serban)



Stan Lee Cole (Antwerp, Belgium - Director: Mark Borgions)

Smoke & Wine


Oliver Baines (Flight Brigade) (London, England - Directors: Seth Baines and Pascal Hughes )



Wynter Gordon (New York, NY, USA - Director: Wynter Gordon)


Come Into My Head


Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Keith Ciancia, Sonny J Mason (Auckland, New Zealand)

Don't Hold Your Breath


Alexa Cerciello (Alexa Marie) (East Islip, NY, USA)

Ehlatini (The Bush)


Rashid Lanie (Johannesburg, South Africa)



Tiffany Desrosiers, Troy Samson (Langley, BC, Canada)

His Name Was Sam


Ella Mae Bowen, Rachel Thibodeau (Wahalla, SC, USA)

Life As An Extra


Jacob Jeffries (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA)

Love Burning Alive


Lena Fayre, Kosta Lois, Jenn DeCilveo (Los Angeles, CA, USA)



Liz Longley (Nashville, TN, USA)

Mercy Killer


Bertie Blackman, Francois Tetaz (Northcote, VIC, Australia)

My Dark Crusade


Sophie Hanlon (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Run To You


Jessie Lefebvre (Timmins, ON, Canada)

Shields Of Fire


Niamh Murphy (Foxglove) (Cork, Ireland)

Smells Like Rain


Bhavana Reddy, Jonas Blomqvist, Dennis Nilsson (New Dehli, India; Stockholm, Sweden; Vaxjo, Sweden)

Those Were the Days/Sooner Or Later


Chase Thompson, Shane Santanna, Zac Burrell (Goodnight Argent) (Pasco, WA, USA)

Two Way Street


Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Francois Tetaz (Auckland, New Zealand)

When I Found You


Nakia Reynoso, Barry Goldberg (Nakia) (Austin, TX, USA)


Beautiful Morning


David Samuel Gray (Atlanta, GA, USA)



Carolyne Neuman (NOVI), Lee Miles (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Boy With A Kite


Joe Moralez (Dallas, TX, USA)

Building Castles


Astir (London, England)

Come Into My Head


Kimbra Johnson (Kimbra), Keith Ciancia, Sonny J Mason (Auckland, New Zealand)

Heart On Fire


Molly Hunt, Cheyenne Medders, Rebekah Powell (Detroit, MI, USA)

Hey Adam Levine


Tim Mahoney (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Kick Drum


Kaylee Johnston, Murray Daigle (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Living The Dream


Katie Scott, Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper (Kittens Of The Internet) (Auckland, New Zealand)

Love Burning Alive


Lena Fayre, Kosta Lois, Jenn DeCilveo (Manhattan Beach, CA, USA)



Phildel (London, England)

On The Radio


Kawehi Wight (Kawehi) (Eudora, KS, USA)

Push Play


Szymon Folwarczny, Mikolaj Marcela, Patrycja Zarychta (Magnetic Clouds) (Katowice, Poland)

Those Were The Days/Sooner Or Later


Chase Thompson, Shane Santanna, Zac Burrell (Goodnight Argent) (Pasco, WA, USA)

Walk Away


Tara Simon (Atlanta, GA, USA)


Anger Management


Emmanuel Oware (A.I (Ayisi Ican)) (Accra, Ghana)

Baby Mama


Ebedoz (Toronto, ON, Canada)



Pause (Venice, CA, USA)

Drummers And Healers


Paul Peterson, Susannah Melvoin, Doyle Bramhall II, Jason Peterson-DeLaire (fDeluxe) (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Have You Seen


Pause (Venice, CA, USA)

Hell Of A Night


Kyle Bent (Randolph, MA, USA)

Holy Water


(RAS) Riders Against The Storm (Austin, TX, USA)

Just For One Night


Tari Lovell (Tari) (Kingston, Jamaica)



Ayvee (Foster City, CA, USA)

Never Made It


Teri "Lyric" Green (Chicago, IL, USA)



Red Martina (Philadelphia, PA, USA)



Ray Clayton (Ray) (London, England)



Spoat (Miami, FL, USA)

Take My Crown


Acer (Leicester, England)




Take Shelter (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Is This How You Feel


Isabella Manfredi, Jack Moffitt, Thomas Champion, Luke Davison (The Preatures) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



James Mullally (Bearbones) (Athlone, Ireland)

Make Your Colors Run


Matthew Cates, Aaron Cates (The Daily Howl) (Nashville, TN, USA)



Nicky Barot, Billy Austin (Los Alamitos, CA, USA)

My Juliet


Gavin Dean (The Deans) (Galway, Ireland)

Neon Cola Signs


Eric Robinson, Mike Willmett, James Laubscher, Daniel Murphy (My Fiction) (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

One More Time


The Easy Hearts (Christchurch, New Zealand)



The Fool (Mexico City, Mexico)



Benjamin Dowd, Sam Reale, Jordan Hicks (Apes) (Bacchus Marsh, VIC, Australia)

The Night Has An Alibi


Wons Phreely (Perth, WA, Australia)

The Way You Are


Peter Hickman (London, England)



Calling All Cars (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

You Say


Frank Fussa (Morning Fuzz) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Your Love Don't Kill Me


Blood Red Boots (Chicago, IL, USA)


A Girl's Advice (The X-Box Song)


Meadow Ryann (Charlestown, IN, USA)

Armistice Day


Matt Jaffe (Matt Jaffe & The Distractions) (San Francisco, CA, USA)



Spencer Hendricks (Pipe Dream) (Chagrin Falls, OH, USA)

Ceaseless Goodbye


Imogen Clark (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Chase The Moon


Lileana Ibur (Bella & Lily) (St Louis, MO, USA)

Crazy, Crazy


Madisyn Elise (College Park, GA, USA)

Damn Cigarettes


Jenny Tolman (Brentwood, TN, USA)

Day Mne Ispit' (Let Me Indulge)


Vladislav Kurasov (Kiev, Ukraine)



Sophie Rose Abrams (Sophie Rose) (Hidden Hills, CA, USA)

Eye for an Eye


Charlotte Sabina (Manhattan Beach, CA, USA)

Fight For You


Olivia Penalva (Vernon, BC, Canada)

Golden Hearts


Forrest Burnham (Burnham) (Arlington, VT, USA)



Victoria Celestine (San Antonio, TX, USA)

Kiss You


Ruby Montey (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

Over The Fence


Andrea Kaden (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)

You're Beautiful


Carmen Brandy (Safety Harbor, FL, USA)


African Shaker Jam


Alex Kajumulo (Muleba, Tanzania)



Pedro Logan (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)



Albino Mbie (Maputo, Mozambique)



Peter Lang, Jost Knapp (Gimpelakwa) (Leipzig, Germany)



Gustav Rasmussen, Michael Blicher (The KutiMangoes) (Copenhagen, Denmark)



Richard Gannaway, Miriam Stockley, Jay Oliver (AOMUSIC) (Asheville, NC, USA)



Iqram Magdon-Ismail (Iqram) (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Price Of Everything


Meta Dia (Meta & The Cornerstones) (New York, NY, USA)

Sitti (Granny)


The Chehade Brothers, Elia Azzar, Michel Elefteriades (The Chehade Brothers) (Beirut, Lebanon)

Sukuma Wiki


Annette Oduor (AnnieSoul) (Nairobi, Kenya)



Hyenik, Chiasmatic (Vsetin, Czech Republic)



Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima) (Ogre, Latvia)

Village In Me


Andrew McPherson, Jah Youssouf (Eccodek) (Guelph, ON, Canada)


Building Castles


Astir (London, England)

Falling Apart


Themba Thompson (The Khanz) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

It's Probably Over


Jacob Washington (The Hearts Bleed) (San Diego, CA, USA)

Living The Dream


Katie Scott, Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper (Kittens Of The Internet) (Auckland, New Zealand)



James Mullally (Bearbones) (Athlone, Ireland)

Loved At All


Joel Ansett (Spokane, WA, USA)

Meant From The Start


Ferdinando Arno (Common Mama) (Milan, Italy)

Muscles And Bones


Esmay Luck, Max Luck, Richard Darbyshire (The Luck) (London, England)

My Dark Crusade


Sophie Hanlon (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Smoke & Wine


Oliver Baines (Flight Brigade) (London, England)

Step Inside


Azaria Byrne, Kara Jayne, Jordan McDonald, Ronnie Simmonsa (The Art) (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Terrifying Love


Joe Given (Surrey, BC, Canada)

This Is What It Feels Like


Ella Mae Bowen, Mark Irwin, Josh Kear (Wahalla, SC, USA)



Tomas Twyman (CoCo And The Butterfields) (Canterbury, England)



Claire Nordstrom (Pacific Palisades, CA, USA)


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